Help Reading Hunt Sabs get a vehicle!

By Reading Hunt Saboteurs

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A little bit of context

The Hunting Act came into effect in 2004, banning the killing of wild mammals using dogs. Yet, time and time again, Hunts throughout the UK have been caught illegally killing wildlife with hounds using the pretence of 'trail laying'. Reading Hunt Saboteurs are a group of compassionate people dedicated to monitoring and preventing this illegal activity from taking place in the surrounding areas of Reading.

But there’s a problem

Without a vehicle, it is difficult for us to stop hunts from carrying out their cruel activity. This is why we need YOU.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Your support will directly help us to be out in the field saving animals. Not only this, it allows us to gather evidence which will not only put pressure on the hunt, but on the government to properly enforce the hunting ban and make the police take action against these criminals.

What's in it for you?

You can feel proud that you are directly helping to keep wildlife safe. We promise to keep you updated on our progress and activity on the ground.

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