Rethinking education for the 21st century: Growing our own 'school'

By Green House Education Project CIC

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The Green House is a pioneering education approach nurturing and inspiring children to become internally-motivated independent learners.

We believe that education is the foundation for societal change, and we want the Green House to be a model of what is possible, pioneering a new way across the UK and beyond.

Our model is backed up by experts, independent research and academics, and validated by our success to date. Since 2014, our project - led by highly-skilled and qualified mentors - has had a proven impact on 12 families and their children.

We now want to expand our reach for the next phase to impact 24 families’ lives with our ground-breaking work, and we need your help to make it happen.

A New Connected Education Model for the 21st Century - It Takes a Village

We’re committed to a new approach which puts social-emotional learning at its core so children to learn to care for themselves, others and the world around them.

At the Green House children learn through play, exploration and their own curiosity, with the guidance of our expert facilitators. The result is intrinsically motivated young people who lead their own learning.

We believe it takes a 'village to raise a child' and so, alongside being celebrated for who they are, each child learns what it means to be together in community.

Parents and other community members play an active role in creating a dynamic and inspiring learning experience for all involved. We believe that many styles and approaches to education are needed to allow innovation and creativity to flourish.

Our approach embodies:

  • self-compassion
  • mindfulness
  • nonviolent communication
  • nature connection
  • unstructured free play
  • child initiated learning
  • growth mindset
  • conflict resolution
  • multi-age learning

Widening Impact: Change-making in Action

Our model is ground-breaking and leading edge, with the potential for far wider impact. Our vision is to create a network of similar projects across the country: small, low-impact learning environments which are valuable to each and every community.

We are connected with other projects with a similar ethos and supported by a range of expert advisors (see website). We want to bring people into our spaces to share ideas, learn in connection to the land, with sustainable structures and strategies for familial, societal and emotional growth.

We need an education system able to see and acknowledge the individual child and their ability to create and drive their own learning. Through training and sharing our ideas we want to make these approaches increasingly accessible to other projects like ours, to schools and to all learning environments.

Our approach is already beginning to influence and inspire other educational settings. As we develop further, we are passionate about seeing the Green House approach replicated and adapted, having an impact on education throughout the UK and beyond. As a Community Interest Company (a CIC), we are a not for profit organisation built on broader community support.

We’ve seen this work incredibly effectively with 7-10 year olds, and now we are responding to demand with the start of our 4-6 year old group. We need to raise funds to resource this new group. We need support with physical structures that we can use and adapt as we continue to grow.

We need your support to raise money for:

  • a geodesic dome, wood burner & decking (the sustainable learning space for one of our groups)
  • compost toilets
  • outdoor sheltered areas for children to play in
  • resources for making mud kitchens and outdoor play areas with the children
  • sourcing and purchasing innovative and dynamic learning resources
  • getting expert coaching and advice and support that is tailor-made for us


Every donation helps us bring this new style of education to more children and broadens our impact. Please consider contributing and join us as we rethink education both today and for the future of our children.

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