Restore Pedder: We have a plan. We need your help.

By Lake Pedder Restoration Inc.

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Why Pedder, why now?

In the summer of 2021-22 it will be fifty years since the iconic Lake Pedder was flooded. This coincides with the launch of the United Nations Decade of Ecological Restoration 2021-2030 to massively scale up global action on restoration of degraded and destroyed ecosystems. We want agreement to pull the plug and Restore Pedder by this anniversary.

In the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis, the restoration of the original Lake Pedder will:

  • Show Tasmania can achieve a renewable energy/low emissions future, restore our wild places and fix our mistakes of the past
  • Enhance the value of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
  • Provide an opportunity for Tasmanian scientists and engineers to lead one of the world’s largest and most important ecological restorations
  • Be a symbol of hope to the world that we can turn the tide of destruction to live in balance with nature

How are we going to do this?

Evidences shows that removal and full restoration is possible and will largely be done by natural regeneration. The Lake Pedder Restoration Committee, co-convened by Christine Milne and Todd Dudley with secretarial support from Bob Brown and Paul Thomas, want your help to make the restoration a reality.

To drive the political decision to restore this natural wonder of the world, the Committee needs to:

  • Make the case to show that the full ecological restoration of Lake Pedder is possible based on the best of science
  • Build the community of supporters ready to take action to Restore Pedder

To do this we are bringing together experts from across Tasmania and internationally to undertake several streams of research to assess the impacts of the restoration for Tasmania as well as present scenarios on the dam removal. Read more about the Plan:

Our first crowdfunder earlier this year allowed us to recruit a Restoration Ecologist, Dr. Anita Wild, to start the ecological scoping study and the Environmental Defenders Office Tasmania will do some work with us.

How you can help

We urgently need to raise $30,000 to get the advice of engineers, energy specialists and economists to model dam removal scenarios and provide the advice we need to show that Pedder can be restored while achieving a renewable energy future for Tasmania.

Strategic Planning and Research - $20,000

The campaign benefits from an incredible amount of in-kind support from our experts but we need funding to support them to come together to undertake the strategic planning and research phase. Your contribution will help us to initiate research on energy, engineering and socio-economics. This research is imperative to making the case and will be complete by June 2020.

Restore Pedder Campaign - $10,000

Dedicated coordination is critical to a successful outcome. These funds will help us with strategy and planning to make the case; running events and activities to build our community and recruiting volunteers; engaging with key stakeholders; and fundraising.

Your contribution, large and small, will be an enormous help to make the case to Restore Pedder. You can read more about our plan at

Momentum is building! Let's keep it up and make the dream of a restored Lake Pedder a reality.

We have some fantastic Pedder rewards that we would love you to have

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our nature loving community we have some fantastic rewards for you to remember Pedder from a beautiful original Max Angus painting to an original Lake Pedder book authored by Bob Brown and the original Lake Pedder poster.

We most definitely want to see you wearing our hot Restore Pedder tee shirts, patches and stickers designed by Keep Tassie Wild! Donate today.

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