Move That Airstream, Reach More Homeless Teens

By Restoration Convoy

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A little bit of context

We are loving and serving homeless teens in our community by providing free senior pictures (including new outfits, makeup, haircuts, goodie bags, and a catered meal). This is a cool way to give them a sense of normalcy, let them know they are seen, and encourage them. More deeply, we pray these outreaches remind them of their value and worth and fill them with hope.

But there’s a problem

As each month rolls on, we are missing chances to love and serve overlooked and often forgotten kids. Turns out turning our Airstream into a mobile studio to run outreaches out of all over the country is as expenseive as we feared. The Airstream itself was gifted to us, but the restoration work is costly. With the quotes we've gotten, plus loading it will all the necessary photography gear, we are in need of $34,000. $34,000 so more hurting teens can feel value and worth.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We've gutted the airstream and we are running successful local outreaches. We see the huge impact it's having. They share their stories and are constantly blown away that someone would do such a thing for them. We know it speaks life into them and empowers them to never give up. We are being the hands and feet of Jesus in a really practical way for these kids. Getting this outreach into other communities will not only serve students well, but it will raise much needed awareness for homeless teens. They are right in your neighborhood, navigating life on their own. Lets be light and help bridge the gap! They need to know they are valued, loved, seen, and worth it. We can show them that!

You can join us

We need to raise $34,000. Quotes for the airstream itself are coming back around $25,000. On top of that, we need to purchase cameras, lenses, a computer, memory cards, and other photography related items. We know we will be continually fundraising for this non-profit and to put on outreaches, but having this piece of the puzzle done would free us up to do more good work! Would you be willing to invest money into teens living all over the country who are feeling alone, invisible, forgotten? But yet have huge dreams and ambitions? These are amazing kids who need our help! What are you willing to give?

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