Rescue Christmas for our RESCUES!

By DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue

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A place for the homeless and suffering

DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue is an organization with a very noble mandate focusing on abandoned, injured, abused, and neglected dogs and cats who have no one to speak up for them and no other alternative for life. They are a true RESCUE in every sense of the word.

But there’s a problem...

DunRoamin' is experiencing one of the busiest years to date. There have been dozens of helpless kittens taken in, some of which have required round-the-clock medical care and will need to be spayed/neutered during the next month before hopefully finding their new homes.

Other cats and dogs who have been surrendered are requiring extensive medical intervention, meaning higher than normal medical expenses are required to ensure they survive and will have a proper quality of life.

Meet some of our latest miracles:


Kendrick is a friendly adult cat who was found injured - most likely struck by a car. In order to remain a frisky four-legged boy, his bone needed to be repaired using pins and wire. His incredibly talented vet performed the surgery and he is recovering well, clearly grateful that he ended up in the hands of his caretakers. Kendrick's care will cost $1,000+

Katy Purry

Katy got herself into some trouble a couple of weeks before being surrendered to DunRoamin'. She had somehow injured her left hind foot and it was going to need some major medical intervention if we were going to try and avoid amputation. Katy Purry lives up to her name and purrs constantly when staff tend to her every need. Her future is still unclear, but so far her medical costs have exceeded $500.

Blackie Chan

This handsome senior boy has lived quite a life. After falling victim to repeated dog attacks causing the need for medical attention, Blackie was surrendered to DunRoamin' so he could get the care required. After being treated for his wounds, neutered, and having some broken and infected teeth extracted, Blackie is far more comfortable and happy to finally be living the life every dog deserves. The cost for Blackie's care was over $800.


Wyman was in rough shape when he arrived: dehydrated, thin, cold, injured, FIV+ and his kidneys were failing. Thanks to an amazing medical team, Wyman is now thriving after 10 weeks of treatment. He is an amazing boy who is full of so much personality and love. In order to counter Wyman's kidney failure, he needs fluid therapy every few days. He will be getting a port surgically implanted in order to maintain his quality of life. We expect his monthly medical costs following the procedure to be around $200/month.

Update: Wyman's kidney values are slowly returning to normal and a nice lady is interested in possibly adopting him as well... so his future is looking bright! This means he might not need the implant mentioned above :)

These gorgeous animals are only a few of the many that have been recently cared for. We expect the medical expenses to exceed $12,000 over the next month, making this a critical time for fundraising and donation requests.

We have to rescue Christmas!! Let's raise enough to cover just one month of medical expenses!

Dunroamin' Stray and Rescue is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of others to keep rescuing the forgotten and ensuring they receive the very best care. What better time to donate to an incredible cause than during the season of giving?

The donations made will be put towards caring for dozens of innocent victims of circumstance who deserve a chance at a life free from pain and fear. The money Dunroamin' receives will literally save lives!!

Visit to read about the dozens of other incredible dogs and cats/kittens being cared for through DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue!

Please consider giving generously today.

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