Rescue Cat needs Life Saving Surgery!

By Maneki Neko Cat Rescue

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This beautiful boy arrived at Maneki Neko Cat Rescue yesterday after being rescued! He was someones "other" cat being fed but never de-sexed or chipped and with no one taking responsibility for his care he was left with a broken jaw for a number of weeks. One of our fantastic foster carers became aware of his situation and took action!

He jaw is infected, it is swollen and painful making it difficult to eat! Our PAWSOME Vet and a specialist surgeon believe with some TLC, the right medication and a surgery he has an excellent chance of recovery and a normal life.

We believe all cats deserve to be saved and if medical intervention is possible without causing further pain and stress then we have a responsibility to give them the best chance. It will be costly, but we value his life and will do everything we can to save him.

Whilst our vets offer us great discounts, his veterinary work and hospitalisation is estimated at over $2000.

We aprechiate all contributions and will keep you posted on his progress!

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue is a registered Charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. ABN 55 784 389 320

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