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By Lesley Russell

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An important global health meeting that should be reported

People who are passionate about improving the world’s health and addressing health inequalities will gather for a landmark global meeting in Bangladesh from November 15-19 – the 4th Peoples' Health Assembly - #PHA4.

This important event, in Savar (just outside Dhaka), will also mark 40 years since the famous Alma Ata declaration on the importance of primary healthcare.

As someone who writes regularly for the general public on health policy, I want to attend this historic meeting in November, in order to provide news reports and analysis for people around the world – so that others can share in this transformative experience.

I will work with the public interest journalism platforms, and Inside Story, to do this. These platforms are based in Australia, but their content is freely available to readers around the world.

Professor Fran Baum, a public health researcher from Flinders University in South Australia, who attended the first Peoples’ Health Assembly in Bangladesh in 2000, describes it as a transformative experience that had a profound impact upon her work and life.

Professor Baum would like to see many others benefit from the knowledge, stories and passion shared at the Peoples’ Health Assembly. Even if they can’t attend in person, they could share in the discussions via my reporting.

You can read about the objectives of the Assembly here.

However, we need your help

Both Croakey and Inside Story are low-budget, independent media organisations. They are unable to fund me to attend the meeting, but would really like to bring this important news to their readers.

So I need your help to fund the sharing of news and stories from this important event.

These articles would be a form of knowledge translation from the conference – by sharing the stories and presentations of conference presenters and participants, my reporting would help to amplify the impact and reach of this important conference.

Professor Fran Baum says it is important to share the news from this conference more widely, so that health advocates around the world can see that many of the problems they face – the privatisation of services, the power of transnational corporations, and the impacts of unhealthy food systems, urban development and extractive industries – are global in nature.

I am also keen to cover public health issues such as the impact of climate change and associated natural disasters and infectious diseases increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

Fran Baum says: “Sometimes you can feel a bit overwhelmed and isolated coming up against these massive global health challenges. The Peoples Health Assembly is so inspirational and powerful in connecting up people who are passionate about health for all.”

Professor Baum says she also hopes that sharing the news from the conference more widely will help to inspire the new generation of health advocates and activists. “I hope that it would really inspire a lot of young people,” she says.

Professor David Sanders (Co-Chair of the People’s Health Movement and Professor of Public Health at the University of the Western Cape South Africa) is strongly supporting the crowd sourcing campaign.

He says: “It is vitally important that we get messages out from the People’s Health Assembly to the wider world. The discussions at the PHA4 will be challenging the influence of neo-liberal globalisation on health and health care and presenting a vision for people-centred health care and health promotion.”

Here’s what we would produce

I would attend the meeting to produce:

  • At least three news reports for (these would be edited and published by Croakey editor Marie McInerney)

  • One long feature article for Inside Story (this would be edited by Inside Story’s editor Peter Browne). This article would also be cross-published at Croakey.

  • I would also live tweet from the conference, and conduct live broadcast interviews via the Periscope app and/or Facebook Live.

  • An e-publication compiling all my articles and a selection of tweets and photographs from the conference would be produced by Mitchell Ward, creative director of Croakey.

If you would like to see previous examples of my work, check my writings for Croakey and Inside Story. I provide a regular wrap of global and national health news for Croakey, called The Health Wrap, as a probono contribution.

Please help us!

All up, I need to raise at least $8,000.

I am providing my time probono in attending the conference and writing for Croakey (Inside Story will pay me for the article I write for them).

The funds raised will cover:

• AU$6000 for
- my (economy class) return airfare to Dhaka from Sydney
- accommodation
- conference registration
- contingency funding for extras like internet access and communications (including editorial liaison with Croakey team)
- meals.

• $1800 plus GST to pay for the time of Marie McInerney and Mitchell Ward at Croakey (this includes a 20 percent administration fee to Croakey). (Croakey’s managing editor Melissa Sweet is providing her time probono to support this campaign.)

You can also help us by sharing this campaign link with your networks. Please tweet it and share it on social media, using the hashtags: #PHA4 and #HealthForAll


  • All donors will be acknowledged on a special Honour Roll at and will also receive a Twitter shout-out

  • Anyone who donates more than $100 to the campaign will be offered a free subscription to the weekly Croakey news bulletin (value $50pa).

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