Renewable Powered Trains for Melbourne!

By Friends of the Earth Melbourne

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A little bit of context

Every day, Melbourne's metropolitan rail service transports 415,000 customers across 965 kilometers of track. With the tap of a MyKi, Melbournians can cruise across the city's expansive metro area.

Given such a large (and growing) network of electric transporters, it's no shock that Melbourne's trains are the second-largest electricity consumer in the state.

But there’s a problem

The electricity that powers the trains is still coming from aging coal-fired power stations that are unreliable and pollute our air, putting the climate and Victorians' health at risk.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We're going to get Victoria to commit to powering the trains with clean, 100% renewable energy - the 21st-century transport system we deserve!

Melbourne could be the first city in Australia to have a fully renewable-powered train system, reducing pollution and helping to secure a safe climate for future generations.

You can join us

We need all the help we can get to make our message loud and clear!

Your generous gift will be helping us:

- Source materials for painting banners, posters, and signs

- Cover printing costs for flyers to spread our message wide

- Undertake detailed research to make our case with political leaders

- Run events to educate and empower the community

- Place ads in local newspapers and other media

- Power all the other behind-the-scenes work that makes grassroots campaigning so effective

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Team Members

Friends of the Earth

Alice Knowles

Andrew McArthur - Yes2Renewables

Marelle Davey - Yes2Renewables

Pat Simons - Yes2Renewables Coordinatior

Sean Bedlam