Remain United

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This campaign offers UK remain voters and leave voters - who do not wish to see far right wing MEPs elected to represent the UK in the EU Parliament - the opportunity to limit the damage.

Vote for the leading remain party in your region to take back control.

Due to the proportional representation system for the EU Elections on May 23, it is predicted that The Brexit Party will return the most MEPs.

This clear and present danger can only be avoided by voters pursuing a tactical voting strategy by rallying behind one party, committed to the UK remaining in the EU, in each electoral region.

Our campaign is focused on helping voters to achieve this goal. We cannot and must not allow the remain vote to be diluted across the country.

Your donation will go towards ensuring maximum awareness around Remain United's tactical voting recommendations.

Our regional tactical voting recommendations are based on expert, authoritative, data-driven analysis and may change over time.

We cannot do this alone and need your support to turbo boost our campaign as the opposition we face is formidable.

Best wishes,

Gina Miller

Founder of

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