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By Cisarua Learning

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Four years ago the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC) was the first refugee-managed school in Indonesia. Since then it has inspired a refugee-led education revolution and there are over 1500 children learning from around 100 refugee teachers, at 10 refugee learning centres. More centres are opening all the time.

Cisarua Learning is an Public Benevolent Institution with tax deductibilty status, established by the co-founders of the CRLC. We are committed to supporting the education initiatives of refugees in Indonesia for as long as they need.

  • We continue to support the CRLC, which now has nearly 200 students.
  • We help other schools with their rent and provide support and advice to refugees looking to establish their own centres.
  • This year we will establish mentored learning hubs for older (15+) refugees who are not able to learn at the learning centres.
  • We need to increase the stipends of our teachers so they can survive beyond their savings or family support.
  • We continue to advocate to Australians, Canadians and Americans through presentations and screenings of the feature documentary, The Staging Post.
  • Our idea is that 'Refugees can be a part of the solution' and we present this idea to thought leaders and decision makers at international conferences.

At the heart of Cisarua Learning is a friendship between Australians and the refugees in Indonesia. We plan to grow these friendships so that Australians and refugees can accompany each other. Australians have a lot to offer and the refugee community has a lot to offer in return.

Thank you for your support.

Jolyon, Muzafar, Khadim and Tahira

Project Managers for Cisarua Learning

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