Refugee World Cup Football Tournament

By Football Without Borders

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Refugees and asylum seekers have made incredible contributions to life in the Top End. Despite facing struggles of cultural and geographical dislocation, histories of trauma, torture and community destruction, refugees have shown strength, courage and resilience in adjusting to their new community.

The theme for the 2016 World Refugee Week is "With courage let us all combine". This theme, from the Australian National Anthem, brings forward the essence of Australian identity. Courage has formed the current Australian cultural landscape and brought us together no matter where we have hailed from. The Refugee World Cup Football Tournament is a celebration of the courage and determination needed to make a new start in life and the strength and resilience formed to thrive in new environments.

The tournament will run on the 12th of June, 2016 at Malak Oval in Darwin. The event is run by Football Without Borders, winners of the 2015 NT Human Rights Award for Diversity and the Melaleuca Refugee Centre. Teams will represent groups such as Liberians, Congolese, West Papuans, Rohingya, Hazara and Sudanese. This is the fourth year of running and the teams show a fantastic competitive spirit.

Football, as the world game, is an international language. No matter where you come from or what language you speak, you can identify with the round ball and easily create new connections with a simple kick. The Refugee World Cup aims to create a space where potentially vulnerable people can feel comfortable in making new connections, finding people with common histories and views and building lasting relationships of support and belonging.

Your support will go towards running the event - providing insurance to ensure quick access to quality health care in the event of injury, marquees for shade, equipment for matches, trophies for the winners, drinks to say cool under the hot Darwin sun and many more costs of running the event.

Your contribution is a great way to support the cultural integration of refugees in ways that express pride in their own cultures and connection to the Darwin way of life.

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