Belgrade Youth Development Program

By Dev Inno Ltd

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A little bit of context

Serbia and the Balkan nations endured significant war and conflict throughout the last century. The breakup of the former Yugoslavia lead to ongoing conflict leaving a legacy of more than independence - death, widows, broken families, economic stagnation and social disadvantage.

But there’s still a problem

Modern day Serbia still grapples with social disadvantage, with many of today's youth born in to war-torn families. Future prosperity seems out of grasp for many, with economic and educational opportunity hard to come by.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

To provide better opportunities to Serbian youth, two decades after the conflict in the Balkans, 2018 rugby league champions Red Star Belgrade are using sport to teach problem solving, decision making and creative thinking and develop entrepreneurial and innovative leaders of the future. The Balkan champions, who will enter England’s Challenge Cup in 2019, have partnered with charity Dev Inno to implement its social development program. The program combines skill development and ongoing mentoring to build capacity in some of Belgrade’s most disadvantaged communities.

You can join us

We're raising $12,000 AUD (approx €8,000) to run our youth development programs in 2019 in Serbia. With Red Star Belgrade entering England's Challenge Cup for the first time, young people can aspire to one day play at London's Wembley Stadium. And if sporting excellence is not achieved, young Serbs will be better prepared to take advantage of future education, employment and enterprise opportunities.

Amazing perks for supporting us

All donors will receive a heart-warming thankyou from our team on the ground in Serbia. We also have some cool merchandise for different donation levels.

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