Rebuild Aboriginal community that Burnt down

By Simba Bushman

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A little bit of context

The house of Claude and Andrea Carter, founders of the remote Bawoorrooga community in the Kimberley, burned down in early 2017. Claude and Andrea lost their home and most of their possessions. Their family are currently living in temporary shelter on their land.

Prior to the fire, Claude established a small permaculture project, orchard and art studio on his land. He continues to paint and farm the land and he regularly hosts indigenous youth groups on his property, where he teaches traditional bush skills, spirituality and connection to land. The family is highly motivated to build a sustainable superadobe house to live in and to continue hosting ongoing community events. Claude is a captivating story-teller, passionate about keeping culture alive for the next generation of indigenous Australians.

An exciting first in the Kimberley!

We plan to build the first super adobe (earthbag) home in the Kimberley, with community involvement at all stages of the build, from design to completion. The community will build this house with their own hands. We have partnered with an architect and natural builder, and have already commenced design work and project planning.

Success of this project would ensure the survival of the community and would be a huge step towards developing models for sustainable indigenous housing and empowered communities.

You can join us

We want to build a small, affordable, climate-wise home. We currently have the community’s creativity, energy and will to succeed, but we need money for building materials. Please donate and help us prove that this pioneering project can be done!

We also invite anyone interested in supporting the project to visit Claude and his family in this beautiful part of the world. You would experience the deep spirituality of this land and the profound understanding which Claude has for his culture and environment. Come along for a traditional hunt, or to taste the produce of Claude and Andrea's garden!

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