Cheap renewable power for Indigenous communities

By The Valley Centre - Sustainable Community Building Projects

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Energy justice a critical issue

Indigenous communities desperately need relief from high levels of energy stress. The combination of extreme temperatures, rising energy costs and unreliable power supplies mean these communities struggle with electricity, especially when summer rolls around.

Uncle Ike’s community has identified solar and batteries as being an ideal solution to many of their challenges. Not only does solar provide cheap and reliable electricity, it also brings opportunities such as local employment, training for young people and self determination for the whole community.

$50,000 already donated

Amazingly, we’ve been given $50,000 worth of solar panels. This is enough solar for 20 houses and a great start for Uncle Ike’s community.

Christmas is a time of generosity and with your donation we can ensure all 35 houses in his community are included and nobody is missing out. Your donation will help pay for extra solar panels, batteries and energy efficiency. Batteries are important too because when you’re suffering from a health condition and the mercury pushes 50 degrees it really is a life threatening situation.

Donating to a Solar Rolling Fund

The Valley Centre has been working with communities like Uncle Ike’s since 2014 and more recently has been working with other amazing organisations such as Pingala and Alpha:Dice as well as Moreland Energy Foundation, PwC, Bank Australia and Powershop. Together, we’re working to establish a Solar Rolling Fund that provides no interest loans to Indigenous communities.

When you donate to a Rolling Fund, your money will be used to provide a no-interest solar loan. When the money is repaid back to the Fund it can be used again for buying more solar in new locations. Thus your $100 donated today will be multiplied again and again, giving energy independence and a sense of change into as many communities that need it.

Give generously

Donate $100 or choose another amount to give as generously as you can manage. Most importantly, tell your friends and family about Uncle Ike and how you share his vision of cheap power for all indigenous communities.

A longer version of the video gives more detail:

This campaign is being run by:

The Valley Centre

Our vision is for every community across this continent to be self-sufficient, resilient and thriving; able to respond to challenges, express their culture and creativity, and sustain life on earth for future generations.

We work with communities to define, create and build on their visions; working out strategic direction and focus, within the means and resources of the local area and community.


Pingala is building a fairer energy system by creating new energy business models that put community at the heart of the solution. We deliver this work across three areas: households, businesses and communities. Supporting Indigenous communities is a top priority for Pingala.

We believe in sharing the benefits of solar where communities are empowered to collectively own and operate their own local renewable energy, creating jobs, keeping business local and sharing opportunities of our transition to renewable energy.

Moreland Energy Foundation

Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to tackling climate change and committed to accelerating the energy transition by empowering communities to take action. We work hard to ensure communities play a meaningful part in this transition and that no one gets left behind.

We are a trusted educator, partner, advisor and service provider. Our job is to build partnerships that demonstrate what’s possible; to give the right advice; and make sure people have access to the information and technology they need to take action. Our customers include councils, business, schools, community groups and members of the community.

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Team Members

April Crawford-Smith, The Valley Centre

Kate Niccolazzo, Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL)

Tom Nockolds, Pingala

Tracey Cooper, The Valley Centre