Re-Wild 10-20 Wild Horses - Save from Slaughter

By Sacred Wisdomkeeping

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This heart-breaking scene is playing out in America’s last wild lands as you read these words: Herds of terrified wild horses stampede for miles as they are corralled via helicopter into unfamiliar trucks, where they are transported off federal land. A small lucky few will be rescued and adopted out. Some will be released to state prisons, where they will find a home amongst inmates. Tens of thousands more will be transported to holding pens, where they must become accustomed to stressful and decidedly non-wild ways of living.

Because these horses compete with ranchers on BLM-leased lands for grazing rights, it has been determined that their population must be reduced by 75%. This requires that up to 90,000 healthy wild horses be culled from the existing population. The care of these rounded up horses has traditionally cost taxpayers $50 million annually; however, new legislation is moving through congress that would allow these horses to be slaughtered en masse.

We wish we could save every one of these horses and give them back a wild life of freedom and happiness - for now, we will start with 10-20 (depending on donations). White Mountain Wild Life Refuge is an idyllic 40+ acres of land on the Mogollan Rim of Arizona, and will provide a very happy and permanent home for a handful of lucky rescued horses. We have been approved to adopt wild horses through the CANA Foundation ( pending the completion of a fence and necessary infrastructure - which is why we need your help!

We would like to raise at least $40,000 to get started re-homing these amazing animals. Each horse requires an average of $2,400 annually for shelter, food, and veterinary care. For 10 horses for the first year, this is $24,000. Materials and labor to fence 40+ acres and build shelters is estimated at $16,000. Transportation of the horses will be an additional cost.

We are so grateful for any donation, large or small. All donations are tax deductible and will receive a receipt as they are processed by our 501(c)3 non-profit.

We are offering several gifts as 'perks' for VIP supporters (see list to the right).

Check out our vision and our land at:

Check out this video about the CANA Foundation:


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