Refugee Community Kitchen's 2018 Recipe Calendar

By Felicity

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RCK's 2018 Recipe Calendar


As a long-time Calais volunteer and for a large part RCK volunteer who spent a year on the ground in Calais. I’m now doing what I can to support Refugee Community Kitchen from afar including with the support of other amazing volunteers putting together this recipe calendar.

Over my year in Calais I’ve enjoyed and at times lived off of RCK’s consistently top notch food. It’s seriously delicious and nourishing and almost everyone who tastes it wants to know how to make it again! I asked some of RCK’s chefs to scale down their recipes from being able to feed 1000's to more manageable sizes, so that we can all prepare delicious RCK meals at home.

Be it Marcus' Flapjacks or Sams famous Chilli Oil - we have 12 amazing recipes to make 2018 a year of awesome food for you!

A suggested donation of £15 per Calendar will cover the production costs and still make a meaningful contribution to RCK.


Here are the cost breakdowns based on the initial 750 Calendars:

A3 Spiral bound Calendar: £2.60

Envelope: £0.50

Postage: £3.50 (for the U.K. May be different for international shipments)

Total Cost: £6.60

Total RCK Donation per Calendar: £8.40

£1 = 2 hot, nourishing RCK meals. That means that for every calendar buy, you are providing a minimum of 16 meals. That's pretty awesome!

Here's why I love RCK (and why you should get a calendar)

'Here we are dancing in the rumbling dark.' - Kate Tempest

RCK is run by some of the most dedicated, hard working people you'll ever meet. They continue to sing and dance despite all of the oppression and trauma they witness on a daily basis and they continue to pour compassion and love into every aspect of the work they’re doing (preparing over 2550 meals a day). It's comforting to know that some of the most dedicated and awesome individuals are working day in and day out to fill people's bellies and put smiles on people's faces.

The sad reality is that RCK is often the ONLY source of food and water for people in need in northern France. A huge responsibility and undertaking that RCK has unfailingly shown up for every day since 1 December, 2015 .

On top of this, they provide weekly servings of hot food to people in need in Camden and Hackney AND they've sent truck loads of food donations to places as far as Syria.

RCK has taken some massively hard hits this year. Besides the uncertainty after the demolition of the Calais Jungle and the massive fire that destroyed the Dunkirk camp, the French authorities required RCK to build an expensive new kitchen.

In the face of diminishing donations, the immense cost of building a restaurant-grade kitchen, and the huge expense of preparing over 75,000 meals a month, RCK continues to do the right thing and never lets obstacles get in the way of its mission to serve high quality food to those who need it most.

It’s cold and wet in Calais and money is tight. RCK is doing its absolute best to keep going. Please support them by ordering a Calendar for yourself and everyone you know!

Please help RCK heal the world one meal at a time...

Love you X

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