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WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!! 95% of the footage is shot, 20% is edited so we just need to get this finished!

Janette and Alan are an incredible demonstration of what is possible with the human body. They will inspire you, and make you think about the nutrients that you get from every meal. Now it is time to bring their story to the world in the form of a documentary.

Be a part of making it happen!!!

So far with the help of our sponsors and crowdfunders we have been able to shoot 90% of the documentary! Through this we were able to screen a short film version at the Cannes Film Festival which was met with great response. The world is waiting to see this film, so let's make it happen.

How you can make this happen!

We have nearly completed the film but just need

$10,375 to pay the editors (almost complete)

$5400 to pay for the final shooting (Achieved)

$8000 to pay for sound

$3500 to pay for music

$8500 to pay for colour grading

$7500 to pay for animation/ motion graphics

We need funding to make this documentary happen and we need funding to help pay for post-production costs. We are getting some of the best people from around Australia to make a cinematic quality DVD. We are out to make a documentary that is a match for the quality of the message that it contains. A beautiful and entertaining story about Alan and Janette's journey and the health benefits of a raw plant-based diet!

But that costs money!

We are looking for companies and individuals to help us bring their story to the big screen.

Here is a sample of the powerful message that Janette and Alan bring. We are going to make this into a beautiful feature film that captures the attention of the world. Along with Alan and Janette's story we will be featuring experts in the health industry as well as other raw plant-based athletes.

Jon-Michael Mooney is a Sydney based filmmaker who believes that Janette and Alan's message can transform the way we look at our diets. Resulting in disease prevention, clarity of mind, and a huge increase in energy, as well as leading people to a more ethical and compassionate lifestyle. Janette literally cured herself of cancer after being given only six months to live.

This documentary will be an exciting adventure around Australia that will introduce it's audience to the benefits of a raw plant-based diet.

Be part of a health revolution and help us fund the film! We can cause the world to be more compassionate and healthy, but we need you to help us make it happen.

This film will costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to make, so we need your support!

So help by pledging money and check out the rewards! We have incredible rewards from copies of the DVD and Book.

There are bundles of the DVD's/ Blu-rays. If you want to inspire people to make the changes, then these bundles will give you enough copies to give out. It's hard to argue against the benefits after seeing how two people in their 60's broke and set world records by running 366 consecutive marathons on a raw plant-based diet.

The impact

This documentary is a powerful demonstration of the health benefits of being on a raw plant-based diet. A lot of people are scarred, concerned or just unsure if being on a raw diet is a healthy way to live. People have strange misconceptions that plant-based people have no energy or "don't get enough protein." However Janette and Alan have shown that it is just not true. To accomplish a feat like running around Australia is something that cannot be ignored. We will also be hearing from a range of Vegan and raw Vegan athletes about the impact that a plant-based diet has.

This documentary will inspire people to make more conscious decisions about their health and lead them towards a more ethical way to live. It is a positive and inspiring message that has already touched thousands of lives. It has the possibility of inspiring change that can save billions of animals lives through people making more conscious dietary choices.

The quality of production

We are out to make a documentary that is seen around the world. And to do that we are making it the highest quality possible. We already have connections at Cannes and through major US TV shows who are willing to promote. We will be making a beautiful cinematic piece with a powerful message. A message that will be seen around the world through film festivals, cinema release and DVD.

So let's make this happen!

Pledge and claim your reward! Share with your friends and your community. And let's create a kinder and more compassionate planet by inspiring people to think more consciously about their lifestyle choices!

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