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There is only one State Secondary School in Ranomafana, serving all the children who complete their primary education in the 16 state primary schools located in Ranomafana municipality’s 8 ‘Fokontany’ neighbourhoods. Founded in 1974, it is desperately in need of a new school building for the following reasons:

  • The wooden school building most visible from the main road, originally built with Japanese support, is in a very poor state and in need of demolition.
  • Another school building (2 classrooms, originally built by ANGAP) has a serious structural problem with a large crack in the wall, and also requires demolition.
  • Only 4 of the existing classrooms are satisfactory and should be used.
  • The current latrines are unhygienic, insufficient and potentially dangerous.
  • School desks are insufficient in number and many in a bad state. There are currently no tables and chairs for teachers.
  • Classes are overcrowded.

This unsatisfactory school environment has contributed to a dramatic worsening of school results over the past 3 years, with just 5% of students passing their BEPC exams (end-of-secondary school level) in 2017. However, the number of students continues to increase with 106 due to sit their BEPC exams in 2018.

The school and the community of Ranomafana sent a written request for help for this project, which was also backed-up by a letter from the head of the district educational authorities (Chef CISCO).

Improving education for people around Ranomafana National Park contributes to boosting their opportunities to participate in and benefit from tourism and jobs in the area – leading to a more equitable development and to successful and sustainable rainforest and biodiversity conservation outcomes.

The Project

We need £114,000 to build a new 2-storey building for the Ranomafana Secondary School, comprising 12 fully-furnished classrooms and the supervisor’s office, and accompanied by a 5-compartiment modern sanitation block including urinals and hand-washing facilities. Designs and budgets for the new school are openly available on our 'Education-Ranomafana' Facebook page: fb.me/EducationRanomafana.

Two of the existing buildings, which are considered a safety hazard, will be demolished; the one with a crack before the project and the other on completion of the project. The third existing building will be used for a teacher’s room, library and head-teacher’s office. Retrievable materials from the demolished buildings will be used for other needy primary schools in the area.

This project will directly benefit the 385 students currently at the Ranomafana Secondary School (173 boys and 212 girls), as well as the 15 teachers. Indirect beneficiaries are the 231 pupils due to complete their primary school education around the Ranomafana municipality in 2018, who will hopefully go on to secondary school.

Who we are

Feedback Madagascar (www.feedbackmadagascar.org) is a British charity that has worked towards conservation and development in Madagascar since 1995, and alongside its Malagasy partner organisation ‘Ny Tanintsika’ (www.nytanintsika.org) since 2002. We believe that conservation goals can only be achieved in the long-term through effective poverty reduction and community buy-in.

Our priority areas of work are around the COFAV rainforest corridor and the Amoron’i Mania tapia forest of Madagascar. We adopt a holistic approach that works to improve health, education, livelihoods, governance and environmental protection. 77 school establishments have been supported to date (April 2018) with 188 new classrooms built and more 68 renovated – the majority in very remote areas.

We pay the utmost attention to detail to ensure schools are cyclone-proof, integrate best practice in terms of water, hygiene and sanitation, and environmentally-friendly sourcing, and to ensure that there is local commitment and capacity to undertake maintenance and repair work as required.

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