Ralph Eisenberger Scholarship Fund

By Beyond Fistula

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During his life, my father owned a sheet metal company and made a point of hiring mmigrants and vocational students. He taught his immigrant employees English, and taught all of his employees the skills of the trade. Three of his former vocational students even went on to start their own companies, thanks to his teachings. 

Upon his retirement, he transitioned - and partly gifted - company ownership to his top employees, and remained a mentor for all those he worked with. He saw vocational training as a powerful tool for change, As watched it affect the lives of his employees and their families. 

As his daughter, I am honored to remember his vision through the newly established Ralph Eisenberger Scholarship Fund. Your donations will help young Kenyan women who have survived fistula by providing them vocational training to help them toward financial independence.

Join me in honoring my father's life mission and remembering the way he gave of himself to the people around him.

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