Raising money to bring stray cat(s) over from Greece to the U.K

By Melissa Thomson

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I’m leaving here on Wednesday to go back to Scotland and time is running out. I’ve been advised that payment needs to be made upfront and including all vet fees, boarding kennels for the cat and overland journey from Greece to London this would be £450

If anyone can make a donation as small as £1 I could have this money raised in the next couple of days, she’s going to the vet on Tuesday as it’s a bank holiday today so I will only have just over one day to organise this. PayPal might look at the transactions as suspicious and close my account down but I have no other option unless people were to pay directly into my account.

Any help would be appreciated, even if you can share this post. I don’t want to leave here knowing that she’s not going to be safe, she will have to have blood tests first to make sure that she is healthy before she can travel https://www.paypal.me/meeelissax

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