Raising Hope for Breast Cancer Research-The Firey's Challenge!

By Breast Cancer Research Centre -WA

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A little bit of context

We face danger everyday being part of the Kalamunda Bush Fire Brigade, but that pales into significance when you have been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

The emotions of diagnosis range from fear, denial, and vulnerability from any cancer diagnosis.

The emotions of being diagnosed as metastatic, where it has also travelled to other parts of the body, is a complete shock.

It is where we come in....we are fit and healthy, lets put that to good use by doing the Gibb River Mountain Bike Challenge.

But there’s a problem

Pink ribbons do not save lives but clinical research into breast cancer does!

But we wanted to ensure it goes to Western Australian patients and that all the money raised goes straight to clinical research trials not into fancy marketing teams coffers.

We need research into this disease but clinical trials cost big money and West Australian patients need help...this is where we heard about the good work of Prof Arlene Chan and the team at Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA. Their Breast Clinical Trials Unit is busy. Their goal is a simple one......

"to improve the survival and longevity of breast cancer patients".

BCRC-WA is a not-for-profit and rely on donations for their Breast Cancer Trials. On their web page they tell us that......

"Clinical trials are the only way to find out which new approaches to cancer treatments work better than the existing ones".

Watch this video to see the good work they are doing:

Improving Survival Rates of Breast Cancer Patients

We are doing this for Narelle and others like her with this disease

Meet Narelle, our cover photo for this campaign.....a beautiful lady, married with two children. Diagnosed with early breast cancer at 31 after the birth of her youngest daughter. In complete shock at being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, she had a double mastectomy quickly, followed by chemotherapy for 6 months as it had travelled into her lymph nodes, followed by 8 weeks of radiation.

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 6 years later as it had spread to other parts of her body, sadly it is a story that is all too familiar.

Her Oncologist Prof Arlene Chan, was able to treat Narelle and was suitable to enter a hormone therapy trial. After further testing by Prof Chan, Narelle was diagnosed as having the BRACA gene. She is now on a Chemotherapy based trial and on a drug which targets at the gene she carries. Her second round of scans recently have revealed that her metastases in her lungs have nearly resolved themselves and the ones in the liver have reduced by 50%. An amazing response for Narelle.

We need to help this organisation! To help improve survival for other people like Narelle!

You can join us

Here’s what we’re doing about it:

A competitive 660 kilometre team mountain bike relay event raising community awareness and money for our nominated charity. - See more at: Gibb River Challenge.

We are going to be tested mentally and physically with this challenge.....there will be alot of sweating and sore muscles but it is worth it for people like Narelle.

There are 8 of us (5 riders and 3 support crew)

  • Natalie
  • John
  • Mike
  • Paul
  • Amanda
  • Bryan
  • Chris
  • Duncan

Where will the money go to...

The money will go to Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA. They do not receive any Government Funding and rely on donations to continue their clinical trials into breast cancer.

The $20,000 will go to

  • More clinical trials and enhanced treatments
  • And help in their big vision to create a centre that will cater for all the patients needs

Join us.....we are prepared to push ourselves to the limit for this cause......please stand with us for this fight.

From the Kalamunda Bush Fire Brigade

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