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It was BIG!

It’s amazing to think that at 75,000 hectares, the Big Scrub Rainforest in northern New South Wales’ was once one of the largest subtropical rainforests in the world.

The Big Scrub is located within the Mt Warning caldera between Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore and the hinterland.

But now it's not

But now only 1% remains. While that's only a tiny fraction of the original rainforest, these small surviving pockets contain more plant and animal species than any other ecosystem in the state. Amongst them are 50 species of threatened plants and animals.

Solution? Yes, we've got one.

To look after these threatened plants and animals we need to make the Big Scrub Rainforest remnants bigger. We need to expand the remnants by planting trees (simple) and we need to remove weeds so the rainforest can naturally regenerate (helping nature do its thing).

You can join us

We are spending 50% of the money on planting trees and 50% on removing weeds.

For every $10 spent on tree planting, one tree will be established, involving site preparation, planting and ongoing maintenance for three years to make sure it survives.

For every $10 spent on weed removal, one tree will be established by removing competition with naturally germinated seedlings (we will use mechanical methods, hand pulling, digging, cutting and lopping).

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Anyone who donates over $50 will recieve a High Quality digital Photographic image for you to print out or use as a screen-saver.

Donations over $250 recieve in the mail a physical digital rainforest print.

$500 donations contribute a huge amount to ecological restoration of the Big Scrub - as a thank you we'll let you choose an image to be printed and framed in recycled fence-post timber frame.

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