Creating queer sisterhood

By Tina Dixson

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Thanks to the tremendous support of people in January 2018, we were able to hold the first ever retreat for queer refugee women. We were able to raise 1390! This money has been spent to cover the costs of the retreat.

The retreat was organised with the goal to build the community queer refugee women are deprived of. Refugee spaces may not be inclusive and queer spaces may be lacking the understand of what the asylum seeking experience entails. The retreat helped us connect to each other knowing that we were not alone. We were able to see the similarities of our experiences, identify the needs and see the hope. Read more about the success of the first retreat here.

The retreat in January marked the beginning of the Queer Sisterhood Project: a peer-led peer-support group aimed to provide a space of community and belonging to queer refugee women.

Since March 2018 Renee and I are partnering with the Sydney-based LGBTIQ organization Twenty10 to run the group every 4 to 6 weeks with and for queer refugee women.

The group is open to all women (including transgender women) who are identifying as queer (homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, same-sex attracted, pansexual) and have sought asylum in Australia because of the persecution on the grounds of gender or sexuality. Women on different stages of the protection visa application, including those who were refugees in the past and are citizens now, are welcome.

You can help us

We are asking you to support Queer Sisterhood project financially to help us cover operation and travel cost. Twenty10 supports us by providing the space for the group.

‚ÄčJoin us as we are building a community where queer refugee women belong.


For more information on the Queer Sisterhood Project including to download a flyer visit

For more about myself and my story as a queer refugee woman listen to Queerstories podcast

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