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By Minus18 Foundation

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Queer Formal: an identity-celebrating night of fun with friends

The Queer Formal is a night for 500 LGBTIQ youth to attend a queer-inclusive and life-affirming event, and we need your help to make it happen.

It’s more than just a night of incredible music, artists, dancing and celebration. For most LGBTIQ youth, it’s the one night of the year where they're able, or feel safe enough, to take a same-gender partner, wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in, and just be themselves.

Plus? Sometimes it's the first time a queer young person is able to hang out and make friends with other young people just like them.

We hosted the Minus18 Queer Formal for 500 youth in Melbourne for 2019, and now we’re looking to bring the event back to Sydney and Adelaide.

We need your help to make it happen!

  • Every $50 donated = 1 LGBTIQ young person attends the formal for free.
  • Every $500 donated = A table of 10 young people from low socio-economic areas are able to attend for free

For every $25,000 raised, we’ll run another Queer Formal around Australia - including

  • Next $25,000 = Sydney, July 2019
  • Next $25,000 = Adelaide, November 2019

Watch some of our beautiful 2018 Queer Formal memories:

We're fighting to end discrimination

Even though things might seem like they’re ‘getting better’ for the LGBTIQ community in Australia, this isn’t the case for everyone – especially LGBTIQ youth.

Still today, religious schools in Australia can legally expel a student or fire a teacher for being LGBTIQ. Can you believe that?

  • The majority of LGBTIQ people in Australia will experience abuse before they are 25, with 80% experiencing it at school.
  • LGBTIQ young people are twice as likely to experience depression and anxiety and FOUR TIMES more likely to attempt suicide compared to the national average.

For trans and gender diverse people, the attempted suicide rate is 10 times higher than the national average.

  • 74% of Trans and Gender Diverse young people experience abuse and discrimination (SOURCE).
  • As a result, 75% of Trans and Gender Diverse young people experience depression (SOURCE) as opposed to just 15% of the general population (SOURCE)
  • But – when teachers use appropriate and inclusive language in their classroom, rates of social exclusion, discriminatory language and student humiliation can reduce by over 50%. (SOURCE)

A promise to make amendments to Religious Freedoms has yet to be actioned, so LGBTIQ young people and teachers are vulnerable.

How you can help affect positive change

The Minus18 Foundation is Australia’s charity for LGBTIQ young people. We head all around Australia to build empathy, and celebrate being queer.

100% of funds raised during will go towards Minus18 creating safe environments for our youth. Can you help us fund this crucial work?

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