Tell QBE: Insure our future, not fossil fuels!

By Market Forces (Friends of the Earth)

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In the midst of another angry summer, with bushfires, storms and heatwaves taking their toll, we need companies to urgently join us in the fight against global warming.

QBE is fueling the climate crisis

The insurance industry, with their entire business model under threat from climate change, should be at the forefront of this fight. And they could make a big difference as insurance is a critical component in the expansion of fossil fuels. No insurance = no coal mine or polluting power station!

Unfortunately, Australia's major global insurer, QBE, continues to insure the industries driving global warming and extreme weather.

We need QBE to act

QBE's full year results come out in February, and its annual general meeting is in May. Now is the time to put the pressure on and let QBE know they need to be protecting our environment, and their customers and shareholders - not exposing them to greater risks.

Fund our advertising blitz

We have a plan for an advertising blitz that sends QBE a message they can't ignore.

But we need your help. Chip in to fund billboards and street posters in Sydney, where QBE has their head office, and in North Queensland, where QBE's support for fossil fuels threatens the Great Barrier Reef.

If we can convince insurers to end their support for fossil fuels we are one huge step closer to phasing them out forever.

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