Live with Passion

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Volunteers Change Lives!

Volunteers are able to step up and fill in the gaps to help those less fortunate in our country. Is there a better example to others than to give of your time and talents to help others?

Here's a problem

The volunteer experience is not free. To be able to set a side a week or two to volunteer, the volunteer needs a place to lay their head at night, they need food to sustain their volunteer efforts and they need a time and structure set aside to reflect on the experience itself with their fellow volunteers.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The PV Volunteers is able to provide this structure for people who want to reach out and help others. We set up the service activities by working with organizations on the ground locally to provide a meaningful experience for each volunteer. The PVs provide any supplies needed, food and housing for volunteers and orientation and reflection programs each night.

You can join us

We need your help to continue to provide this experience to people wanting to volunteer and change the world, an experience we have been providing since 1973. By supporting the PV Volunteers "Live with Passion" you will be touching and changing many lives in the process. Not only those whom the volunteer is assisting, but the volunteer themselves. After volunteering with the PV Volunteers, most of our volunteers decide to get involved back home in their own communities volunteering. Your support of the PVs and the volunteer experience will have a ripple effect.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

$25 - Hall of Fame

We'll throw your name on the website to say thanks for helping out. Legend.

$50 Vintage PV T-shirt

We will send you one of our t-shirts from a previous year. It could be a volunteer shirt or even a camp shirt!

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