PV Volunteer Annual Appeal

By PV Volunteers, Inc

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Change Lives - Give Hope

PV Volunteers changes lives - both the volunteer's life and the lives of those we are serving.

We Need Your Help

We have been functioning as an independent organization for 10 years now. It has been a tough road trying to raise enough money to keep the program going and when possible adding programs like Seattle and Aurora. In the last couple of years, we have seen a decrease in the funding we have received from grants as well as a significant decrease in our Annual Live with Passion Event. Despite cutting costs everywhere we can, we are struggling to keep the PVs going.

Donations Small or Big Change Lives

Your donation to support the PV Volunteers will help us continue to change lives. Your donation will support the volunteer who goes out and feeds the hungry, repairs a leaky roof or sits and listens to a person who doesn't have someone to listen to them. Your donation will change the life of the volunteer and everyone they encounter.

Be a Part of It

Help us reach our goal for this year's annual appeal and help us keep the PV Volunteers going into its 46th year. Your donation literally will change lives!

Why Give to the PVs?

You will be a part of change. You will be a part of a group that believes in kindness, compassion and generosity. You will know that you made a difference.

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Team Members

Jill Wallace and Jenny Wiley, PV Volunteers Co-Directors