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Six years ago, Getcha the saltwater crocodile was given to The Kyabram Fauna Park and he is housed in a small fresh-water crocodile enclosure the park already had. The size of this enclosure was suitable for him for a few years but he has now out grown it and urgently needs a new exhibit with a larger pond area.

Getcha is a great favourite with all the visitors, he has a playful personality. Crocodiles are very intelligent and Getcha is no exception he responds to vocal cues and hand gestures taught to him by the reptile keeper. His welfare is of great importance to us, and as Getcha will continue to grow his new exhibit will be large enough to house him for many years to come. If we cannot get a new enclosure built for Getcha soon, he will need to leave our park and unfortunately the only place he will have to go is a crocodile farm in the Northern Territory, he is too young for breeding so his future will be bleak.

Kyabram Fauna Park is a not for profit, community owned attraction which brings many visitors to the town and is well supported by locals. We have a hard working, dedicated, but small staff, an enthusiastic committee of management, a number of volunteers and friends of the park.

Visitations to the Park account for the bulk of the day to day running costs and this is supplemented by small grants, donations and animal sponsorship.

Total cost of the enclosure is $160,000. The Park has already raised $110,000 towards the project and are seeking community support to help raise the final $50,000.

Please help us keep Getcha at the Kyabram Fauna Park.

Donate today.

Every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated.

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