Pushbiking for mental health - Perth to Sydney 2017

By Pushbiking for mental health

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Hi, I'm Amy-Nicole and I’m a Sydney Northern Beaches local and this August, 2017 I'll be departing Perth by pushbike, riding all the way back to Sydney. I'm hoping to complete the ride in around 10 weeks, and estimating to cover over 6,000km.

My motivation for this ride is to show that anyone can take on a great challenge and make a difference. I am not an athlete my any means. I am just a girl with a bike and a dream. The dream to ride my bike from Perth to Sydney and to make a difference in the lives of others living with mental illness.

I have personally experienced mental illness and I want to be open about my experience. I believe mental illness isn’t something to be hidden or considered a taboo topic. It can affect anyone at any time.

I want others struggling with mental illness to know it’s OK to ask for help, that support is out there and where to find it. Thats why I am partnering with some of Australia's leading mental health organisations - Beyondblue, Lifeline, Blackdog and National LGBTI Health Alliance.

How you can help?

You can donate to this page :)

Your donations will helping to provide valuable mental health services.

For example:

$27 = 1 x Crisis call

$500 = 1 x Phone for crisis support

$1,500 = 1 x Computer for crisis support

$2,500 = Answering over 90 calls to 13 11 14

$5,000 = 1 x Safe talk schools program

$5,000 = 1 x LGBQTI program

$25,000 = 1000 suicide safe plans

Join in

You can also join me on any leg of my ride. I will be posting my route so you’re interested to join for any portion please get in touch at [email protected]

You can also follow along the journey on social media and help share in the adventure on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.





Last but certainly not least you can help by supporting others in your community who may be experiencing mental illness by opening the lines of communitcation.

Together let’s speak up about mental health and help end the stigma one conversation at a time.

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