Invest in future women leaders for climate change

By Purvi Gupta

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Climate change is everyone's problem

You and I are seeing the change around us, in the form of greater frequency of severe droughts, tropical cyclones, coastal floods and unprecedented heatwaves. The need to act is imminent upon us and more than ever, the time to act is now.

Women have an important role to play in making this planet sustainable

Communities where women are involved in decision making are making headway in reducing the effects of climate change e.g. women in Morocco have been crucial in adopting green technologies such as energy efficient cook stoves, which not only reduce carbon emissions but also reduces fuel wood consumption - saving the Argan forest.

Homeward Bound is preparing the future women leaders of climate change

Conceptualized by Fabian Dattner, leadership expert and Jess Melbourne Thomas, marine biologist, the program envisages building a 1000-women strong global network in 10 years that will enable the best policy decisions for a sustainable planet. The program culminates in a 3 week field trip to Antarctica in Feb 2018 - possibly the largest such all women expedition! For more details, check out: Homeward Bound website. It was extensively covered by media in 2016 by CNN, BBC News, Herald Sun, The Independent, NY Live and others.

Homeward Bound will cover 60% of the cost of my participation and I need to raise the funds for the rest. Estimated cost breakdown of funds raised is: Ship for 21 nights & Ushuaia travel: £10,000, Admin, Ship & ground: £2,500, Operations, faculty & PR: £2000, Contigency & Misc: £500

Regions of Antarctica showing fastest responses to climate change seen anywhere on the planet

The snowy landscapes of Antarctica act as a backdrop for our journey because of the critical role this continent plays in the climate system. Antarctica is a launch pad for this unique initiative, world’s first of its kind – there have been also before all-women expeditions to the southern seas but never this scale; and focused on leadership development.

Support me on this year long journey with 80 women from across the globe

Growing up in India, my father always encouraged me to aim for the sky! I studied biotechnology engineering at IIT Madras, worked at GlaxoSmithKline’s global and regional offices, pursued my MBA degree from INSEAD and now, I work at McKinsey’s London office. My journey till date has taken me from Delhi to London, onwards to Mumbai, Singapore and France. Along the way, I have developed a strong interest in emerging economies, healthcare and education, especially for women in science and engineering.

  • Being born and brought up in India, I am aware of the need for economic development and its undesirable side effects on our climate
  • I am a great believer in diversity and global collaboration, which have the potential to alleviate some of the most pressing issues facing us such as climate change and gender inequality

Through the year, I aim to bring my story and develop engaing content on gender parity and climate change. I see Homeward Bound as the foundation of my vision to motivate more girls and women to pursue higher education, especially in science and engineering. I am very excited about the possibilities of the year ahead and what I could achieve with your support!

Please help me secure my place in this program!

If you are looking for more information, please check out my website, follow me on journey or contact me directly at [email protected]

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