Sports Events for the LGBTI+ Community

By Proud 2 Play

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We engage LGBTI+ people with sport through events

Proud 2 Play have a history of delivering successful sports-focused events for the LGBTI+ community - something that is very important given sport often doesn't embrace LGBTI+ people with open arms. Some of our most successful events include the Midsumma Carnival Sports Precinct (the carnival is attended by 120,000 people) and our annual Lawn Bowls Pride day in celebration of Wear it Purple Day.

But funds are tight

These events have seen us scrape the bottom of the barrel to put on. We love doing it but it is not easy.

We need help to keep it up

To keep giving LGBTI+ people spaces to engage with sport, recreation and physical activity, we are asking for your help! Any funds raised through this campaign will contribute to future Proud 2 Play events. With more budget we can go bigger and better on events such as the Midsumma Carnival Sports Precinct where Victoria's LGBTI+ sports clubs recruit most of their members for the year.

Where will your donation go?

No amount is too small and every bit counts. Donations to this campaign will help make sure we continue to run these events for free by covering costs such as venue hire, stage hire, entertainment and catering.

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