LGBTI+ Inclusion Education for Everyone

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Sport and physical activity = health

Participation in sport, recreation and physical activity brings with it immense physical and mental health benefits and social benefits.

But there’s a problem

However, many LGBTI+ people have poor experiences in sport due to things like experiences of discrimination or harassment, exclusive policies and clubs that are ill-equipped to provide inclusive environments for LGBTI+ people. This often leads to a lifelong avoidance of sport, recreation and physical activity meaning many LGBTI+ people miss out on the benefits it can bring.

Club education is the key

Community clubs need the know-how to be able to create welcoming envrionments for LGBTI+ people where they can participate in sport, recreation and physical activitiy as their true and authentic selves.

If we can get more LGBTI+ people physically active, we may just be able to address some of the health disparities affecting the population including poor mental health outcomes.

We are raising money to provide Australian clubs with free education on LGBTI+ inclusion so everyone can have better access to good health.

Your help is vital

For every $380 we raise, we can provide education to one club and all of its commuity members. If we raise $3,800 then 10 clubs will be better off. This is a ripple effect; the more people we reach, the bigger the conversation, the bigger the impact.

Each club we deliver education to will be listed on our website as a club trying to make a difference to LGBTI+ people.

What happens if you support us?

Sleep well knowing that with your support, someone may get the opportunity to be physically active without having to hide their sexuality or gender identity

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