Protecting the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) & Associations

By The Royal Australian Regiment Corporation

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A little bit of context

The Royal Australian Regiment has a rich and hard fought history that we are all proud of and respect, it is through the shared hardships and sacrifices that we all made that this reputation for professionalism and dedication was created.

But there’s a problem

Conflicting individuals often challenge the documented histories of the Battalions of the Regiment and determining the truth where possible is paramount.  Likewise, if a person is claiming awards or to have served in the Regiment and there is legitimate doubt, these matters should and must be investigated rigorously without creating legal minefields in the process.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We all understood the importance of SOP's while serving and now is no different...  The National RAR Association has set up the correct process to obtain the correct legal advice and "actions on" to remedy these problems both expeditiously and fairly.

If you identify a problem, bring it immediately to the attention of your Battalion or State Association and we can use the system together.  It is the funding of legal advice that is our weak point and hence our needs for this crowd funding to raise the necessary money for this to work.

You can join us

We need to raise a pool of funds to begin with of $50,000 to pay for legal costs, if we need more we will raise specific case by case requests that you can support.

For now it doesn't matter if you can only contribute $20, the size of our Regimental Family will make that a worthwhile and significant donation.  Senior Officers and well to do members should and can give much larger sums of money than that!

Act now and help us to protect ourselves...  send what you can afford!

And here’s some very important reason for acting now 

You need to send a message that our history is not for sale or profit

The truth is all that matters and egos need to be set aside

All gave some; some gave their all… "Duty First"

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