Protecting Costa Rican Tropical Forest at Karen Mogensen Reserve

By Green Wave Enterprises

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It's a critical time for Earth, let's be part of a legacy of hope.

Please take a moment to think about the importance of protecting forests at this critical time in our Earth's history, while so much destruction is happening right at this moment while you read this email. You might be asking "What can I do?"

Don't worry, because the answer is "You can do a lot!"

Here in Costa Rica in the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula, there is a nature reserve that is important to us all.  The Karen Mogensen Reserve is not only astonishingly beautiful, it is home to countless species of animals. With its old-growth forest, it takes in more carbon and is considered the lungs of the Nicoya Peninsula for the oxygen it produces.  This special reserve offers lessons in how we, as individuals, can save the planet from destruction.  

The Reserve, with its magical trees and biodiversity, is replete with plentiful underground springs, sparkling waterfalls, lots of wildlife, including pumas, ocelots, and over 200 species of tropical birds.

Like many forests globally, surrounding lands are putting this gem at risk.

In the midst of this amazing reserve are 25 hectare (70 acres) of land owned by a cattle rancher who grazes his cows on the portions of forest he has cleared, and invites his friends to hunt the animals in the forested sections.

But... We have a plan!

This farmer has agreed to sell his land to become part of the reserve.


Our goal then is to raise the funds to expand the reserve by purchasing this piece from him and regenerate the cleared pasture-land through reforestation.  In 5 years after acquisition, all of us, including You, will have created a new, young forest that produces even more oxygen and absorbs more C02.


Here's how you can help

Our goal is to raise $75,000.  For anyone who is a friend to Nature, Trees, and Creatures of the Forest, we ask you to join us and donate to become part of a legacy of expanding this reserve, reforesting land which will help restore soil and provide new home for the regeneration of its sacred creatures, and also help protect the water supply for this reserve and the 6 surrounding communities reliant upon it.

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