Project TaOm/Bottrong 2019

By Health Expeditions International

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Poverty alleviation through medicine has always been a cause we firmly believe in. This year, we have been humbled with the opportunity to go back to Cambodia for Project Bottrong/TaOm under Healthcare Expeditions International, in partnership with Build Your Future Today Center (BFT), a Cambodian NGO that oversees development efforts in the villages we will be going to.

Together with doctors and a team of medical students, we will be setting up our last and fifth mobile clinic in Ta Om village, and delivering a last round of children's education, as BFT has determined Ta Om to be adequately self-sustainable with regards to healthcare.

What's also exciting for this year is the forwarding of the Project's efforts to a new village, Bottrong, for a second year, where we will focus on conducting health check-ups, and engaging in health education efforts to set the groundwork for future projects.

Though yearly clinics do not sound like much, these villages are hours away from the nearest healthcare facilities. By bringing these services to them, we are hopefully making healthcare more accessible, albeit temporarily. Ultimately, we aim to promote self-sustainability and empowerment of the villages via the delivery of health education to improve their health literacy.

With all that said, healthcare is sadly not a cheap commodity. Hence, our project needs all the monetary support it can get. Any donation or sharing of the this page will be greatly appreciated, and all funds raised will go into project efforts such as acquisition of medications, equipment, and other logistics.

Please do show us your kind support!

About Project Ta Om/Bottrong

Ta Om is a village located on the outskirts of Siem Reap. It is 15km away from the nearest health center (mostly accessed on foot) and 68km away from the nearest hospital, located in Siem Reap City Center.
Following the civil war that devastated most of Cambodia less than 50 years ago, Ta Om is currently in the midst of rebuilding itself. Project Ta Om is involved in annually providing Ta Om with medications, health check-ups and health education lessons. This is done in partnership with Build Your Future Today (BFT) Center, a local NGO that oversees Ta Om's development.

History of Project Ta Om/Bottrong

Project Ta Om was started in 2009 as an educational initiative and expanded to include healthcare services in collaboration with HealthEx in 2013. Since then, 5 more projects were organized in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Each of these projects look to build upon the previous year’s work, and provide continuity and sustainability, with the overall aim of developing Ta Om village’s healthcare literacy. In 2018, we expanded our reach to Bottrong, where we will be continuing our services, and hope to reach out to further villages in the future.

More About Build Your Future Today Center

Build Your Future Today Center (BFT) is a Cambodian NGO, with a mission to improve the lives of Cambodians by providing them with intellectual and economic tools to be self-sufficient. BFT plans to achieve this by focusing on education development, capacity building, livelihood improvement, and health and nutrition development - which is where we come in.

Our aims this year

Our goal as foreign volunteers is to add value to BFT's efforts - to provide knowledge, skill sets and manpower, especially in areas of healthcare and health education. Having seen great improvement in the livelihood of Ta Om, this year will be our last year in Ta Om. Our main focus in Ta Om is sustainability. We aim to build on what has been effective in Ta Om's strides to self-sufficiency through health education in conjunction with acute medical care.

Another focus for this year is initiating healthcare and education efforts in Bottrong, another village out of Siem Reap. Having seen how much positive change came about in Ta Om over a span of 5 years, we hope to be able to help do the same for Bottrong in the years to come.

Acute Medical Care

We aim to address these needs through the provision of acute medical care by setting up mobile clinics, conducting house-to-house health screening, and giving health education to villagers.

Last year, the mobile clinic managed to reach out to more than 200 villagers over a span of 3 days. This year, we also aim to visit the villagers that we red-flagged last year, and provide them with a plan on how to manage their chronic illnesses. We will continue to screen the villagers for any new illnesses that may have arisen over the last year.

Public Health

Education has the potential to provide the longest-lasting impact. This year, Project Ta Om is placing more emphasis on public health education for both villages, focusing on the different outcomes according to their needs.

Ta Om:

1. Seeking medical advise

2. Chronic medical conditions

3. Family planning


1. Clean water hygiene

2. Sanitation

To achieve these outcomes, will be giving health education booklets to each household, as well as providing personalized health advice after every consultation.

We hope this will help to improve the health and wellbeing of the community there by promoting good health and preventing disease.

Every donation counts

We appreciate any donation, from as small as $5 to $50, $100, $500 or even more! We would also be extremely grateful for donation of medical supplies. You can contact us directly at the email below regarding donation of large amounts. These donations will help provide pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies for the villagers. Your donation today will enable the team to better serve the villagers of Ta Om and Bottrong and help make Project Ta Om 2019 a success.

Any queries can be directed to Thank you!

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Team Members

Project Bottrong/TaOm

Cassandra Ting Kai Xin

Chloe Koh

Cormac Maguire

Dominic Chong

Emily O'Hanlon

Emma Chia

Joey Ee

Kai Ning

Keegan Chua Vi Long

Nicole Yap

Rachel Loke

Sarah Huang

Sean Koh

Sonali Anandan

Sophia Joswara

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