Project Sre Robong

By Build Your Future Today (BFT)

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About the Project

Project Sre Robong is a 12- day medical expedition (14th July - 26th July) led by a team of medical students and doctors to provide healthcare and education to the neighbouring villages of Siem Reap, Cambodia, namely the Sre Robong Village and the Cham Resh Village.

It is a pioneer medical expedition of HealthEx International that works in partnership with Build Your Future Today Center (BFT), a Cambodian NGO founded in 2006 with a vision to build a better future for Cambodia's youth. By empowering the Cambodian people with knowledge and education, the main aim of BFT is to help them attain self- sufficiency and enhance their well- being. BFT is committed to providing this opportunity for all people, especially children, who have been living through hardship and poverty caused by the Khmer Rouge from 1975- 1979.

Since its inception, BFT has adopted over 8 villages and provides education to over 25 villages in Cambodia. They are supported by many charity organisations worldwide to provide a better hope and future for Cambodia.

Some of the completed works of BFT include:
  • 22 houses have been renovated and families live in better conditions
  • 8 schools have been built or refurbished to provide better education to the children
  • 14 community training centres have been built or refurbished to teach new skills to the young adults
  • 26 villages are regularly visited by the Mobile Library to teach the people how to read
  • 119 wells have been built to provide clean water all year round
  • Over 5800 trees have been planted
  • To date, 15000 families have been positively impacted by the various works of BFT.
BFT has a fully integrated approach to improving the lives of the families in the villages they serve. They believe that by addressing all the aspects of the lives of individuals and the development of communities can the cycle of poverty be broken. They have developed five core programs:

  1. Education and Development
  2. Health and Nutrition
  3. Child Support and Learning Center
  4. Capacity Building and Livelihood Improvement - helps to put Cambodians in the work force and teaches them skills such as basket weaving and farming so they can make an income to provide for their families
  5. Peace Building - works with monks from local pagodas to help people get over their personal and spiritual problems that lead to substance abuse and domestic violence

Project Mission

To provide medical aid to the people of Sre Robong and Cham Resh in the form of health screening and education programs, mobile clinics, clinical workshops, and home visits.

Our Donation Policy

Your generous contribution will go to fund 100% of medical supplies, education materials, and infrastructure to aid the people of Sre Robong and Cham Resh Village. No donations will be used pay out any cost of the expedition that is not aimed towards the Project Mission, unless otherwise specified by the Donor's wishes.

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Team Members

Project Sre Robong

Chad Lim

David Xi

Elaine Huang Yu Fan

Jessie Khoo Yee Teng

Joanna Low Yi Hui

Joshua Chew

Nikita Bhat

Ong Ee Yan Ryan

Rachel Natasha Koh Ling Li

Sherwin Yong

Tang Kah Yi

Valerie Clare Yap Min Xiu