Social Distance Deliveries - Help Recyke-a-bike Ride It Out

By Fallin Community Enterprises t/a Recyke-a-bike

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Why can't we just do it already?

Like everyone else, Recyke-a-bike has been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic and right when we were coming out of our low season into what should be the height of our season for both activity and income.

Frustratingly, we're having to concentrate more energy on how to stay afloat than on stepping up to really help our local community. As you can imagine that doesn't sit well with a charity because we're supposed to be helping!

We are lucky enough to be able to muster a small fleet of cargo bikes, thanks to our generous partners AND we have Scotland's premier cargo bike trainer on our team meaning we have the skills in-house to set up a safe delivery service.

However, we just don't have any funds to do it, meaning our key staff member who ought to take a lead on this is currently furloughed.  We could look to run this on a volunteer basis so we'd only pay a co-ordinator but we're also keenly aware that people in our area have lost their jobs so we'd love to offer some part-time paid delivery work if we could... More than one model is possible depending how much we can raise.

We are seeking funding right now both to help us stay afloat and also to try and make this pandemic specific delivery service viable. This takes time and is certainly not guaranteed in the current climate. 

You can help us to be more helpful

If you're perhaps working from home or furloughed, still getting an income and possibly spending less because you're not out and about paying for your usual leisure pursuits maybe you could put in a few quid of the money you're not spending just now.

Please contribute only if you can, we don't want anyone getting into financial trouble for our sake.

What's in it for you?

To be honest, we'd love to promise you free bike services for life or lunches in our cafe when this is all over but we like to be honest and keep it real - we don't know what shape we'll be in when we all get to the other side, so all we are offering right now is the knowledge you'd be helping us make it through and do something good in the process by putting our support in where it's needed most for now - helping get food, medicines, prescriptions to those who can't afford to or who just can't risk going out right now. When we're finally allowed to again, hugs could certainly be arranged!

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