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A Victorian engineer and inventor, Sarah Guppy, inspired this book because, despite her world-changing inventions, she said ‘it is unpleasant to speak of oneself – it may seem boastful particularly in a woman’. In response to this, the poets Rachel Bentham and Alyson Hallett invited women poets to speak of themselves, to boast perhaps, of their achievements. Extraordinary poems fizzed into their inboxes from poets young and old, revealing a wealth of experience so varied, provoking and heartfelt that they had to make a book! Thus Project Boast was born, and has just been published by Triarchy Press.

All poems have been donated free by the poets, and all profits from the anthology will be given to the Malala Fund, which is dedicated to creating a world where all girls can learn and lead without fear.

How the book can help in schools:

We want to change the mindsets, prejudices and preconceptions of young people. We want students in secondary schools to understand women’s lives better; to see how rich they are. If we want change, we must engage boys as well as girls. For everyone, this anthology points to ‘a world as big or small as we make it, as bright or dull as we dream.’

Project Boast crackles with wit, wisdom and insight. The collection is broad and inclusive: internationally published and prizewinning poets from all backgrounds sit alongside ‘unknowns’. The poems are accessible and challenging; they are the perfect way to provoke debate and discussion in school and to encourage our young people to think differently about their lives.

The final pages of the anthology include a checklist for speaking of oneself, to enable and inspire our youth - of whatever gender - to list their own achievements and celebrate good things.

What we’ll do with the funds:

We want to provide free copies of the book for secondary schools in the South West, extending further if your donations make that possible. Each book sent to a school will have an accompanying discussion sheet for teachers to use. Project Boast will provide a valuable teaching tool, enabling students to enjoy poetry as well as think about social and political issues. We hope it will encourage them to think about themselves too, raising their self-esteem and their awareness of their own strengths.

Our £1500 target will get books into 400 secondary schools in the South West. If we raise more than that, we’ll take it into schools in Wales and the Midlands.

If you give £50, you will receive a free signed copy of the anthology.

If you give £100 or more, you will receive a free signed copy of the anthology and your name will be added to the ‘Inspiration’ list inside every copy of the book.

Here’s your chance to encourage and uplift young people! Please help by donating -

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