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A little bit of context

In Dahab, South Sinai we have one of the most precious ecosystems in the world on our doorstep. The Red Sea is home to a unique and astonishing array of marine species. The region is famous for its clear waters and vibrant corals alongside a high number of endemic coral reef fish. The corals here are very resilient to high temperature changes, and are most likely going to be the last to survive in a world undergoing very significant warming and acidification of seawater. 

So, what is the problem?

Unfortunately, tropical coral reefs across the globe are struggling to survive. The rainforests of the sea, coral reef play vital roles in the health of the ocean. But as a new study makes clear, humans’ influence on Earth’s climate is pushing them to the brink. We must act now if we are going to protect the future of coral reefs and subsequently the planet. 

Here’s what Project Azraq is doing about it

The heat resilience of the Red Sea corals provides a vital insight into the future survival of our global coral reef ecosystem. Therefore, Project Azraq provides reef monitoring and marine education training to students to enable them to join our science team during monthly reef monitoring dives. By consistently collecting and publishing data the project will be providing the marine research community with the critical statistics they need to develop essential programmes to protect the future of our oceans. 

Our reefs are dying. It’s time for us to protect the future.

You can join their campaign

Together we can ensure coral reefs will not only survive but thrive. Currently Project Azraq relies on a small income however with your support they can achieve more. Your donation will go towards the following:

- Purchasing reef monitoring equipment to ensure the data collected is as accurate as possible. 

- Carrying out reef monitoring on a monthly basis. 

- Establishing a long term science base and marine education space. 

- Continual development of marine education programme. 

- Community education presentations including presentations for dive professionals to enable them to be the best dive guides for the protection of the reef.  

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