Gina Miller's Supreme Court battle against Boris Johnson

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Message from our founder

Please support our fight to protect our Parliament's sovereignty and democracy.

Whilst my legal team and I are disappointed with the judgement today – 6th September 2019 – our fight is fundamentally to defend our UK democracy.   

Not only do we feel strongly that Parliamentary sovereignty is fundamental to the stability and future of our country, as our politics becomes ever more chaotic, the more vital it is that our elected representatives – our eyes and ears in Parliament - have their legal and constitutional right to debate, scrutinise, and, if necessary, legislate against a destructive no deal Brexit.    

This battle is much more than about a point in our political history, it is about setting a precedent that would increase the amount of power that sits with a Prime Minister and the Executive. 

Our fight is far from over.  Today, whilst the High court ruled against me, they see the merit in my case and have therefore given us permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.  Many would argue that, as the highest court in the United Kingdom, it is the right place for a case of such fundamental constitutional importance to be heard.    

I have therefore lodged the appeal to the Supreme Court which will be heard on the 17 September 2019.

My team and I will continue to stand up for everyone, for future generations, for our representative democracy, and to stop those who would wreck our constitution.

It is not right that they should bully or shut down parliamentary scrutiny, especially at this most momentous time in the history of our United Kingdom. 

I will not give up the fight for democracy over dictatorship and ask that you support this continued battle – for all our sakes.

Gina Miller

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