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Who are we and why do we matter?

Kooljaman is an award-winning, remote wilderness camp owned and run by the Indigenous Bardi Jawi Communities of Ardyaloon and Djarindjin. Kooljaman’s mission is empowerment through the promotion of Bardi Jawi Culture.

For more than 30 years, the Bardi people have happily welcomed all in sharing the astonishing diversity, pristine wilderness and unique landscape of this special place. Located on the Dampier Peninsula 220km north of Broome, WA, Kooljaman is vital to the economy of the Dampier Peninsula and the livelihoods of many Bardi people.

This video shows our country and 2 of the 6 local tour guides that operate from Kooljaman.

We have a powerful problem...

Until last year we were getting our power from our 30kw solar farm, but now due to a catastrophic battery failure we have no capacity to form the grid necessary to utilise our solar capacity – let alone take advantage of storage. Without a functional battery bank, Kooljaman relies on 100% diesel generation at a rate of 8000-11000 litres per month. This is unsustainable on many levels.

We have a plan...

We want to ensure a reliable, environmentally responsible future with maintenance free gel batteries so that we can truly go off-grid, use zero diesel for power generation and retain our eco credentials.

You can join with us and expedite the solution...

We need your help to assist in funding our battery bank comprising of 192 x Sonnenschein A600 NGS6021960HS0FC 2V Gel batteries (8 strings – 15680ah); Batteries that are proven performers in harsh environments. Solar will entirely power our infrastructure for the campground, restaurant, cafe and guest accommodation areas. These batteries are an investment in the sustainability of a valuable community space supporting many local micro-businesses and local employees.

Your support can see Kooljaman freed from reliance on fossil fuels for at least the next 10 years. Translated, this means Kooljaman will be able to accommodate, feed and engage more than 365 000 people in Bardi Culture, without using fossil fuels for power requirements.

Every little bit counts!

Thank you for helping (em)power us.

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