Donate to Help Elderly & Disabled Stop Wasted Trips to Mailbox

By Anthem Pleasant

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The Problem

Some of the daily tasks problems for the elderly and disabled, such as collecting mail from a roadside mailbox, are often far more complex. Trips to and from the mailbox can be difficult for some, impossible for others. While some may rely on a friend or neighbor to retrieve their mail, others take an arduous journey to the mailbox with the aid of a walker or wheelchair. Imagine the frustration and exhaustion of needless trips, especially in inclement weather!

The Solution

Mailbox notification of delivery via landline, text, or email.

The solution is now whether they rely on someone else, or still struggle to retrieve mail themselves, the elderly and disabled can precisely know when their mail arrives “and properly prepare for their purposeful trip to the mailbox.” ...Simply put--NO wasted trips to the mailbox...EVER!

The patented system has four parts; the postal carrier, two networking clouds, and the end user. Basically USPS mail carrier has a GPS sensor device, this GPS device notifies the location of mailbox in the USPS cloud, then connects with the patented Postal Notice cloud which notifies the user of delivered mail. The cloud program says “hey, you are here postman at 12:13 and 09 seconds, so lets alert the customer that mail was delivered without a human interaction” its...all… in... the background.

Support Needed

I'm asking for $5000 to hire software developers for a customer friendly app.

Please help now so we can help stop mail theft and alleviate elderly and disabled pain and stress.


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