Postage Fees To Send Personalised Christmas Presents To Children Detained In Nauru

By We Care Nauru

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It HAPPENED! YOU DID IT!!!!! NOW, for the FINAL step...

Thanks to all our kind supporters, we now have a PERSONALISED gift for EACH child detained in Nauru!

Now, we need ALL the help in the world, so we can send this HUGE load (freight costs include courier, truck & airfreight) to these vulnerable children.

At approx $9 per kg, every cent is precious, so if anyone would like to donate any, any amount, it would help us bring much-needed light into a world that needs it so much right now.

Thank you so much for helping us put a smile on a child's face this Christmas, as we send them little bits of childlike wonder and reminders that they DO matter.

Love & Light,

Your We Care Nauru Team.

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