Play Across Canada - Summer 2017

By Pop-Up Adventure Play

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Here's the scoop

We believe passionately that no play advocate should feel alone, but the truth is many of us do. In our day jobs and our communities, we see daily how children and their fun are marginalized, neglected, forgotten. Every one of our hosts is committed to turning this tide, creating new opportunities for children and families to gather in their schools, libraries and public parks. They’re making flyers and sourcing cardboard boxes, cloth and string.

But there’s a problem...

People are already opening spare rooms and clearing off the sofas. So far there are 10 locations booked (listed below). But many hosts are in low income communities, and we're having trouble covering costs as we make our way between their generosity.

Our plan is superb

Together, we’ll host at least 12 workshops and 12 public events in Canada. Our journey will go from coast to coast, starting on 23rd July and ending on 16th September 2017. Stops include:

Halifax NS

Montreal QC

London ON

Toronto ON

Haileybury ON

Winnipeg MB

Edmonton AB

Vancouver BC

Surrey BC

Calgary AB

We need your help

We need fuel, accommodation and snacks en route!

Contributions from host locations and ticket sales are coming in, but based on our experiences of previous tours, we anticipate further costs:

- £600 to fix up the yellow car (new tires, oil change and mechanics approval beforehand, and probably a new windscreen after)

- £900 for gas/petrol

- £3500 to take us to 3 remote locations unable to contribute financially

We'll be forever grateful!

Low-income communities in rural areas are literally hard-to-reach. That's why they're our top priority! We know how hard it is to do good work when you're feeling isolated from other advocates. If you've ever felt inspired or encouraged by our online presence, you'll know how important community is.

Our mission is to bring playwork theory and best practice to where it's needed most. That's why we divide our time between online support and in-person tours. This funding campaign isn't about getting rich (you might notice we've never taken corporate or foundation funding) but about making this work possible. Our events will welcome children and their families to play out in public space, support those looking to deepen their professional practice, and welcome new advocates to the field.

Whether it's a little or a lot, your contribution will help us drive the international play movement forward!

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