Pointy Pembleton; A Greyhound Hero

By Natalie Panzarino

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That's a wrap!

What a wild ride!! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign and made it such a zooming success! Books have started shipping this week so keep an eye out for the postie. Snap a pic and tag us on social media when your copy arrives!

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How many unloved greyhounds?

There are thousands of greyhounds who are unloved, without a family of their own. No longer wanted by the racing industry, most greyhounds are simply killed. This is referred to in the industry as “Wastage”. The size of the problem is huge.

We need a hero.

Rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of retired racing greyhounds in an expensive undertaking. Ongoing funds are required for organisations such as Greyhound Rescue to continue to find loving homes. As volunteers with Greyhound Rescue, and as owners of rescued greys ourselves, we know this all too well.

Most greyhounds in Australia don’t live to see their third birthday, as so many are bred to race but so few are winners. Even then, when their racing days are done, the numbers of hounds needing a home far outstrips the number of adoptive families.

So how can we raise much-needed funds as well as getting the message out about how great greyhounds are as family pets? We need a hero.

One greyhound could change the world.

Pointy Pembleton the greyhound, a lovable and gregarious picture book hero, is determined to make a difference. He is going to help greyhounds by donating profits from his first book to help with the cost of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming so that their world is changed for the better. His book will also raise awareness about greyhounds as family pets.

The story of Pointy Pembleton is wonderful and engaging, exploring themes of friendship and diversity, as well as acceptance of others who may be a little different to what you might expect. It has laugh-out-loud funny moments, and sad food-for-thought moments. The story ends on an uplifting note of celebration and belonging.

With your help, he can change the world!

We need your help to bring Pointy Pembleton’s first picture book to print. We must raise $15000 to finish, print a first edition run of 2000 copies, market and distribute “Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park” to spread his story of diversity and friendship to children and families around the world.

“Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park” will be a full colour, high quality, hardcover picture book, filled with Nat’s beautiful story written in enchanting rhyme, and Fer’s gorgeous, whimsical watercolour illustrations. You will love this book, and it would make a wonderful gift for any child, fur-kid, or any dog-loving adult. Children love the story of Pointy Pembleton and how he goes about trying to find his feet in a crazy new world.

Pointy Pembleton will help to provide thousands of dollars towards the care of rescue greyhounds on an ongoing basis as he spreads his beautiful message and raises awareness about  greyhounds across the globe.  Your contribution now, however large or small, will help to provide into the future. You're the hero's hero!

So please,  pitch in to see Pointy Pembleton come to life in print, and fulfill his mission of helping greyhounds everywhere by changing the world for the better.

Love, Nat & Fer

Get involved!

Make sure that you're following Pointy Pembleton on Facebook, Instagram, and that you're signed up to his mailing list to stay ahead of all the latest! Don't forget to tell your friends. Share this campaign; the more people who hear about Pointy, the more people who can contribute, and the more greyhounds you can help!

Pointy gives back! 

In return for pledging your support for Pointy Pembleton we have some fantastic perks including signed copies of the book, one-of-a-kind artworks, and the opportunity to see your own name printed in the book. Check them out!


Guys... WE DID IT! We have hit our goal of $15k in just over a week and we are SO EXCITED that we have had such an outpouring of support! With another $5000 we can add super cool metallic foil ink to the cover, as well as print another 1000 copies to raise even more money for Greyhound Rescue. 

We are also so full of love and so thankful to everyone who has pitched in, that we are adding an awesome Pointy Pembleton print in with everyone's perk package just to say an extra super special thanks from us to you.


Incredible! We have hit $20k and whizzed right past it! Guys, let's push it to $25k!  With $25k we will have enough money to print and distribute 5000 copies, which will mean $25 000 in proceeds to Greyhound Rescue and SO much awareness raised about our beloved greyhounds. With your help we can DO THIS! Who's with us?



Project Timeline:

Once our crowdfunding campaign is done there will be a few finishing touches that need to be completed, such as adding in supporter names to the acknowledgments of the book, and finalising it for printing. We have allowed ourselves a timeline of two weeks to ensure that this process is done right.

After the book has been sent to the printers the delivery time to us is an estimated 8 weeks. We then need to sign, pack, and post all of the copies of the books to send out to our fabulous supporters. With these timeframes in mind we anticipate that advance copies of “Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park” will arrive to those who’ve pitched in around September, 2017.


"I am really impressed with Nat and Fer's work and can't wait to see Pointy in print. It's great to see more 'books with purpose' entering the children's book market. I really support what they're doing and I think Pointy Pembleton is going to be a winner."

-Leanne Shea Langdown, Author 


"Students love stories with cute and funny characters, and they love stories that rhyme! Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park has both those things with the added bonus of teaching kids about making friends."

- Christine McAuliffe, Primary School Teacher


"It is important for kids to learn in an accessible way, and illustrated social stories are a fabulous way for kids to access important lessons about being inclusive and extending the hand (or paw) of friendship to those in need. Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park is a great example of a picture book that does just that!"

-Rowena Garcia McCabe, Teacher Librarian


"A delightful tale filled with rhyme and alliteration. Rhyme and alliteration can support early literacy development in children, as well as making stories more entertaining and engaging for kids. Pointy Pembleton will be a hit with your little ones while teaching them valuable phonological awareness skills. These skills will help your child learn how to read and spell."

-Miriam Gunnourie, Pediatric Speech Pathologist

"Children learn through play and by hearing relatable stories. Pointy Pembleton's story of inclusivity and friendship is an important one for kids, especially those who may feel that they themselves don't always fit in."

-Julia Hay, Paediatric Occupational Therapist

"Greyhounds make great family pets, but are an often misunderstood breed. Pointy Pembleton helps to raise awareness about keeping greyhounds as family pets and also helps to raise money for Greyhound Rescue, so that we can continue to save these beautiful and gentle dogs."

-Peter and Janet Flann, Founders of Greyhound Rescue

Projected Budget:

Printing and delivery: $9600

ISBN and Barcode costs: $150

Advertising and marketing: $1200

Website costs: $50

Post and Pack: $3000



TOTAL $15000



Additional $5000 to cover printing of an extra 1000 copies, addition of foil metallic ink to cover, and a Pointy Pembleton a5 print added to perk packages. 


We are going to reach for $25k, which will mean that we can print and distribute 5000 copies of the book. AMAZING!

Funding Outcome:

100% of profit from the first 500 copies of “Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park” will be donated to Greyhound Rescue Incorporated to assist with costs associated with the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of greyhounds. After the first 500 copies, $5 from the sale of each remaining book in the first print run will be donated to Greyhound Rescue Incorporated. A portion of the remainder will be allocated to developing more “Pointy Pembleton” projects in order to provide for rescue greyhounds into the future.

By pitching in, you will help Pointy Pembleton to raise thousands of dollars for greyhounds in need, both now and into the future.

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