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By Om Shanti Sanctuary

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Om Shanti specialises in treating and sanctioning equines with severe trauma, injury and PTSD, predominantly, bushfire survivers.

I help horses who are otherwise considered ‘a danger or liability’ 

Given that the horses I help were abandoned, orphaned or otherwise, no-one pays me for my time, risk taking or travel expenses.

I rely solely on sponsorships and donations to help these noble beings, who have survived intense, unprecedented bushfires or severe abuse/neglect, after providing years of faithful service to human beings.

Put simply, they deserve better.

Beginning in 2009, with the Black Saturday Firestorm, I made a promise to keep these survivors safe forever, but I had no idea how I was going to keep that promise.

Natural disasters don’t prepare you for the long, arduous aftermath.

It’s an ongoing journey, with more fires and victims over time, which require a long term commitment to full recovery.

After intense fundraising,   hands on healing (involving a multitude of physical and mental injuries) rehabilitation and gaining trust over the years, I finally fulfilled my promise to these innocent, intelligent, loyal and brave souls.

Out of the ashes, Om Shanti Sanctuary was born.

The sanctuary recently relocated from Melbourne to regional Victoria in order to provide adequate space for the sanctioned residents.

It is a more isolated location, and far more ravaged by drought than our previous, semi-rural property on the outskirts of Melbourne.

We relocated in late December 2019.

With the eruption of COVID -19, 2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging year for all of humanity,  globally - and we are no exception.

As frost bites the earth, as winter moves in, the residents at Om Shanti are running low on vital medications, feed supplements and hay.

Our equine residents include (orphaned) ex-bushfire survivors, miniature ponies with insulin resistance or gastro intestinal concerns and racehorses (with a plethora of muscular, skeletal and behavioural issues)

As such, we rely upon medications, therapeutic hoof trims, herbal and mineral supplements, specialised equipment for rehabilitation purposes (such as therapy or ice boots), dental/veterinary care and an ongoing supply of low sugar hay.

As well as ongoing equine care, I am preparing to open the sanctuary to sponsors and donors next spring.

The aim is to offer our valued supporters the opportunity to meet and interact with the herd.

The Equine Experience is life enhancing, enriching and educating for all concerned.

We wish to share the bliss of connection to our valued support network.

Since we have Only recently settled into our new location, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Some areas are yet to be fenced adequately, and the aviary needs restoration.

We urgently require funding to fence a safe, grass free zone for Insulin Resistant miniature horses, as well as maintain supplies of medication and specialised feed for the aged and tooth compromised geriatric herd members.

All contributions, no matter how small, help sustain the animals and keep us moving forward, offering all who help us the opportunity to experience ‘equine healing’ first hand, as well as provide the herd with the lifelong care and unconditional love they so richly deserve. 

Heartfelt thank you, in advance, for your contributions, they are lifesaving.

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