Playground Renovation & Awesomization

By The Garden School

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The playground has a lot going for it!

It's large, well fenced, nicely shaded, supplied with some fun equipment, and positioned just right between the building and the woods. Between The Garden School and Emerson Unitarian Universalist Congregation, it's enjoyed by kids 6 days a week!

But there’s a problem

Well, a few problems. It gets very, very, very, very muddy. All those feet wear away the playground surface, leaving exposed tree roots and compact Georgia clay where mud puddles can linger for weeks, to the delight of mosquitos. And the original wooden steps are beginning to show signs of decay and we no longer feel that they are safe. And while imagination is limitless, it really would be nice to add some slides and a fort structure and a few other pieces of play equipment.

Help us fix it!

Since neither Emerson nor The Garden School has the budget to do this up right, we're reaching out to YOU to ask for your help!

We have a great plan in place and will implement it in increments as funding becomes possible. Here's what we'll be spending all that money on:

~ Replacing the old wooden steps with landscaped concrete steps.

~ Adding tiered landscaping so mulch stays put instead of washing into the pond.

~ Adding a nice thick layer of mulch.

~ Moving the fence up to the top of the hill, increasing playable space by about 15% and adding room for landscaped slides.

~ Creating a landscaped drainage channel to direct building runoff away from the playground, and a cistern to allow us to reclaim some of that rainwater for gardening projects.

~ Installing a "bouldering" rock climbing area and two slides landscaped into the hill.

~ Docking a big ship in the middle of the playground! Well, a play structure ship. It will be named HMS Beagle after Charles Darwin, a Unitarian, and we'll have a special christening ceremony to welcome it to our playground.

~ Adding a few more creative play stations designed by The Garden School students.

~ Laying down a handicap access ramp along the building-side slope.

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