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We have a plastic problem and we need to act NOW!


We are a small ambassador team of passionate year 10 and 11 students from John Monash Science School in Clayton, VIC who are working with Plastic Oceans Australasia to investigate the plastic habits of our school and generate innovative and effective ideas that we will put in place to become totally single use plastic-free. We want to do this to eliminate our contributions to the global plastic problem which is having and will continue to have devastating effects on all aspects of the environment.
By making these changes we hope to inspire other schools around the country to join us on the journey to kick single use plastics out

Although we wish it could be the cheaper option to switch from single use plastic to biodegradable, reusable, recyclable or compostable products, currently in Australia these items cost a little more, though we hope this does change soon! We are crowdfunding for a kitty that we can access and use to pay for our new and permanent plastic-free alternatives throughout our school.


Some plastic items we are wanting to swap out for non-plastic alternatives are:

Containers         → BioPak containers: sustainable plant-based
Hot & cold cups → BioPak coffee & smoothie cups: sustainable
                                  plant-based bioplastics
Straws                 → Biodegradable wheat straws
Bin liners             → BioBag biodegradable bin liners
Water bottles      → Carton & Co eco-friendly, recyclable water

And much more! Unfortunately from our science laboratories to our canteen, plastic is EVERYWHERE.

With your help we can make these swaps and become plastic-free by 2020, leading a wave of change for schools, business' and individuals across the country. 


Thank you for caring about our precious environment.

-The JMSS Plastic Oceans Australasia Ambassador Team

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Stephanie Karras