"A Forest for the Future" Fundraiser

By Educo Adventure School

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Finding freedom in the forest

Educo Adventure School changes lives. On lakes, mountain peaks and in tree tops, we use nature & experience to challenge youth to explore "the wilderness within."

The Educo site welcomes students with expansive skies, muddy meadows for puddle jumping and lava rocks for skipping. Lil' Holden Lake is the gem of the site.

But there's a problem

At the far end of the field where the Grickle-grass grows
There's something that every Educo-ite should know

A magical forest falls into decay
Out where the wood elves and swamp monsters play

But another new creature joined the crew
Horrific, I know, but sadly it's true

Pine beetle painted the tree tops all red
And time made skeletons that directors just dread

Tipped-over trunks and scraggly tree arms
Overhung the field causing ALARM!

As stewards of the forest and safety of students,
trees were limbed, trimmed and chopped with good prudence

But now only half the battle's been won
And MORE, much much MORE must be done!

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees
Asking you to use all your expertise...

Find a solution, something brand new -
What now Educo, what more will you do?

- The Lorax

Shade for the Future

"The essence of service is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit" - Ancient Educo Proverb

Today, the site is different than it once was. Some of the trees that were removed have played critical roles in the daily antics of Educo's programs: the trembling aspens that served as goal posts, the evergreens which used to fly our welcome banner and the tall aspens that beckon students to the lake.

In classic Educo fashion, we are taking on this challenge as an opportunity for growth.

As you may have heard, we are welcoming a new director in the next few months. We have an opportunity to not only restore the forest for many generations to come but also to provide a new leader with (seed) funding for their transition. These funds will help the new director tackle some of the many exciting projects they will inherit as the executive torch is passed!


1. Choose a plant to purchase in the "Forest for the Future."

2. Enjoy your PERKS!

a. Be recognized as a "forester of the future" on our NEW WEBSITE (launching in December).

b. Eagerly anticipate your perk (sticker, pin, hat or photo) in the mail!

c. For gifts of $1000 or more: be recognized with a legacy sign hanging from your tree's branch.

3. Help promote the selling of all of the trees to reach the goal of $33,500!

You can make a donation here online or cheques can be sent to:

"A Forest for the Future" Fundraiser
Educo Adventure School
P.O. Box 1978
100 Mile House, BC, V0K 2E0

If sending a cheque, please ensure you include the mailing address to which you'd like your perk to be sent.

Chuffed.org does not retain any mandatory fee for hosting this campaign but credit card companies will add 30 cents + 2.0 to 2.9% to the transaction. You may also choose to make small donation to Chuffed.org.

We will issue a tax receipt for all donations, issuing them in late December.

Remember - everyone can contribute in TALL ways to the campaign. Please consider sharing this campaign with your community to help us reach the goal and find the founders of this forest for the future!

** We would like you to know that we have a strategic plan to source donations beyond the current community, and share the news about the Educo experience far and wide! This campaign will kick off a series of innovative fundraising campaigns for Educo in 2017.

Seekers of the Sun     Evergreen Sapling

Goal Post Tree Top

Imagination Tree   Guardians of the Lake

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Team Members

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