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Acupuncture Works!

If you're here, you're probably someone who has been treated at Pinwheel or Chico Community Acupuncture for pain, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive upset, hormonal issues, addiction recovery, or other conditions that respond well to acupuncture.

. . . When People Can Afford It

There is not (yet!) a full-time, dedicated community acupuncture clinic in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids area of Iowa. This means that people have to pay $75-120 per treatment. Many conditions require 5-10 teatments to resolve, and some take even more to begin to show signs of improvement.

"Jersey" Michelle Rivers is Moving to Iowa and Starting up Pinwheel Acupuncture there.

Our sliding scale will be $20-40, pay what you can. All first visits will be $30.

We recently lost our housing in Chico due to the escalation of prices for rental homes after the fire. We've decided to move our family to the midwest, where cost of living is more reasonable, and where we can continue to do the much-needed work of running a stable, full-time Community Acupuncture clinic. Jersey and Sophia will be doing all of the poking and non-poking tasks, respectively.

You can join us

It will cost about $10,000 in startup expenses and operating expenses, including modest salaries, during our three months of ramp-up. Once the word is out, we're confident the clinic will be self-sustaining, busy, and full of happy nappers!

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